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It's the 22nd Anniversary Season at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire - this summer the bright grass and rich soil will come alive with a brand-new story line, brought to full glory by our incredible in-house performers. Who will you meet at the Faire this year?

Prince Aidan: Although Prince Aidan is the fourth eldest son of the King and Queen, he is no stranger to princely duties and daring heroics. Whilst his three elder brothers stole the stage with their age, Aidan gathered a team of loyal, mighty and courageous knights to become professional adventurers, fighting evil, slaying dragons, and rescuing any damsels who might require their aid. He enjoys thrilling heroics, all things adventurous, and honorable deeds. On a typical day he can be found in the company of his subjects, practicing tactics and strategy with his father's adviser, or hunting down dragons, wherever they may be. Glorious!

Princess Scarlett: Scarlett is a young princess who prefers rather un-princess-ly activities, such as riding horseback, hunting, and fighting. You will often see this red-clad princess both courting Prince Aidan and keeping a watchful eye on Lord Wolf.

Princess Jane Snow: Princess Snow finds herself in Avaloch hoping to find a suitable match for marriage. When not devouring apples by the barrel, she can be found singing, dancing, and wishing she had more apples. Jane enjoys the simple things in life, and credits her humble nature to her seven loving uncles: David, Donovan, Garreth, Brian, Seamus, Samuel, and Harold.

Princess Ella: Princess Ella hails from the Emerald Isles, and finds herself in Avaloch to try and win over Prince Aedan's heart. She enjoys being outside and being at one with nature. She also has a curious fondness for shoes made of glass.

Princess Adelaide: Princess Adelaide hails from Auvergne, France, and enjoys playing toss with her most prized possession: her golden ball. She is looking for her true love and hopes to find it in Avaloch. Having never been outside of her castle until now, she is amazed with everything she sees.

Prince Pippin: Prince Pippin is the youngest brother of prince Aiden. He enjoys playing pranks in the kingdom and helping his older brother find a bride.

Lord Bane: Lord Bane is the most trusted member in the King's court, and is the King's loyal adviser, earning his position and ranking by being one of the mightiest warriors in the kingdom. When he is not hard at work, he enjoys archery, food, and women. He spends his days making sure the kingdom runs just the way the King wants it to.

Sir Niall: A knight who knows what he likes, Niall is a very accomplished protector of Avaloch. When not attending to his duties, Niall enjoys fixing things that are not broken, and loyally serving the King.

Sir Liam: A renowned knight of Avaloch, Liam spends most of his time patrolling the city with his brothers in arms, or attending to Prince Aiden, or the visiting Princesses. When he is not hard at work he can be found challenging the other knights - or any worthy opponent - to a duel, or enjoying the festival day with his brother Niall.

Sir Harold: Sir Harold Hightower, knight of Avaloch. The security of the Shire is his biggest priority, and he takes job seriously. One can often see him patrolling the grounds, or checking the bushes for hidden assassins. He is a tad superstitious, so keep away the broken mirrors and dark-colored cats

Sir Louis: The Youngest knight of Avaloch. When not attending to his knightly duties, Louis enjoys writing poetry, and wooing ladies in attempts to find true love.

Sir Zayn: The eldest knight of Avaloch, and personal friend to the King, Sir Zayn can be found walking his post when he is not napping. Sir Zayn enjoys telling stories of his life-long pursuit of the elusive 'Questing Beast', and is alas looking for new recruits to aid him in his quest.

Captain Danathor: Captain of the knights of Avaloch, he enjoys archery and games of the mind when not whipping his knights into shape. When not hard at work, he enjoys musical pursuits, and can be found entertaining all who would listen with his guitar.

Damian Wolf: Damian wolf, AKA "Big bad", hopes to fix his problem with his sister Scarlett by following her to Avaloch while she searches for her Prince Charming; a goal not easily accomplished (as he is discovering). Little does he know that Scarlett thought he was dead this whole time and has a hard time believing that he is alive and well.

Johnathan Ponzi: Merchant Extraordinaire! Has returned from an ill-fated trip to the Orient with nothing to show for it but some magic beans. When not documenting the value of his wares or pitching a sale to unsuspecting passersby, he can be found fleeing in terror from the fae. Or really anything at all.

Beatrice Fishwife: A humble fisherman's wife, Beatrice spends her days assisting with her husband's fishing business by making signs, lures, fishing rods, or anything useful. Having recently come into an enormous amount of power by means of a wish-granting fish, Beatrice is looking to better her and her husbands life by extraordinary means...namely: obtaining a kingdom.

Grimm the Mud Beggar: Grimm is a mud beggar on the streets of Avaloch. He enjoys life's finest, simplest pleasure: glorious mud. He enjoys making mud art, mud houses, mud castles, and mud masks. Mud pies, mud shrimp, mud scampy, mud gumbo... mud soup...

Goose the Mud Beggar: Goose is Grimm's sister, protector, and confidant; and definitely the more able and resourceful of the two. Goose will entertain the masses with stories of woe, of romance! Of mud... and all with the help of her pet rat.

Rapunzel: Having just set out on her own after living a very sheltered life, Rapunzel is enjoying experiencing life to its fullest! She enjoy dancing, singing, and painting. She is looking forward to everything Avaloch has to offer, and hopes to find adventure in every place she looks! Still new to this whole "having a life" thing, Rapunzel holds some reservations about being on her own. Mostly she worries about curtsying correctly - it's very difficult!

Thumbelina: Part human, part fairy - after getting her wings she has spent most of her time among the fae. Being born from a flower, she has taken on natural magic, specializing in flower magic. When she's not seen with her love Cornelius, you may find her drawing new flower designs, talking to the trees and animals, coloring the flowers, and exploring the human world. She hopes you all have a flutterific day!

Eden: Eden is the faerie godmother of Arcadia and Avaloch. She enjoys making wishes with everyone, blowing bubbles, and babies' smiles. She is excited to see friends and family enjoy another season of Avaloc majic.

Rumplestiltskin: Known to many as the "stranger", you will find him on the streets willing to help everyone with any issues... for a price, of course... He has a contract for any issue with which you approach him, so asker beware.

Aurora, the Faerie Queen: The most beautiful Fairy of all Avaloch. You can find Aurora roaming around Fairyland or any other part of the shire ready to show you her Magic! Once you have found her all you have to do is make a wish and she can make it true!

The Wizard Lonaro 'Timiy' Cobbler: Lonaro is the half-elf son of a human shoemaker and an elven sorceress. He can be found teaching and casting spells around the shire, and enjoys spreading magic throughout Avaloch.

Kaida the Dragon Tamer: So many dragons around Avaloch have yet to be tamed. Have no fear, for as long as Kaida is around no harm will fall upon you. She is a master of her trade, and has a little bit of fairy magic to help her.

Captain Polaris: Captain Polaris is a navigational expert, and is responsible for bringing one of our four visiting princesses to Avaloch. He enjoys map-making and seeks to discover that which has never seen before. He spends much of his time charting courses for new adventures and recording maps of where he has been.

Captain Rayburn: An illustrious pirate charged with bringing one of our four princesses to Avaloch safely, Captain Rayburn takes to the streets with the greatest of quests in mind: finding love. Sappy, sure, but not all pirates are fearsome!

Captain Cam Eleon: Providing safe passage for Princess Jane Snow, Captain Cam finds herself in Avaloch hoping to find a place to fit in. During the festival day, Cam may or may not be found lending a hand to any who need aide, or blending in to her surroundings.

Captain Greyhound: Greyhound enjoys living a life of grandeur known only to the most worthy of pirates. Known as The Red Gentleman, he was hired by Princess Scarlett to bring her to Avaloch safely. During a festival day he can be found singing sea shanties learnt in Tortuga, or regaling his adventures to any and all that would listen.

Natanya Camlo: A lover of all things shiny and twin sister to Stefan, Natanya is happy to act as gypsy bait whenever she finds it necessary, and enjoys dancing, distracting knights, and ultimately running away from them. She can often be found recruiting and training new gypsies, and holding the largest scavenger hunt Avaloch has ever seen!

Stefan Camlo: Stefan, twin brother to Natanya is a loveable gypsy who you can catch walking around with his best friend Bernard (a goat) - with these two together anything is wreckable. You can also find him with his Gypsy family, causing mischief wherever they are.

King Baul: Baul Camlo, King of the Gypsies. You can expect to find Baul either dining in the fine dusty streets or bathing in the most luxurious mud puddles Avaloch has to offer.

Ruby: Ruby enjoys eating grass, wood, paper... just about anything she can get her hooves... that is, hands on. For you see, while eating one day she accidentally ate a Fairy which turned her into a human. You will find her with the gypsies doing their dirty work.

Bernard: A goat, and Stefan's most trusted friend. You can find him where-ever you find Stefan.

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